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.....I am Steve Kelly and I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I have been involved in dogs since 1977.
I started out with Afghan Hounds and bred and showed under the kennel name of Electra. I bred
several specialty winners including a BISS winner from the classes.
.....It was while showing the Afghans that I saw my first Crested. It was a powderpuff that was in the
group ring when the breed was first recognized. I thought it looked like a miniature Afghan and decided
I had to have one. Well, that one led to more and now I breed and show them under the Puffin kennel
name. To date I have bred over 50 crested champions. I have finished ten of those from the bred-by
class. In 1998 I bred and showed the winners dog at the National Specialty in San Diego, and in 2005
I had the Reserve Winners Bitch at the National Specialty in Dallas.
.....My life that supports the dogs is that I am an elementary school principal in addition to teaching
at New Mexico State University. I am also an AKC licensed judge. I am a member of the American
Chinese Crested Club and have served as president and vice-president.

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